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crafts_n_pagans's Journal

Crafts for Pagans
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This community is for people who like to make things with their hands (as opposed to their feet, I guess). It is not necessarily only for pagans, but there will be some "paganish" crafts. Such as how to make a besom or a ritual robe. In addition you will find crochet patterns, ideas for making holiday ornaments, tips on watercolor painting. In short talk about anything crafty, witch crafty or otherwise.

I would love to see photos of your work, in progress and complete. To be kind to those of us who still have dial-up, PUT ALL PHOTOS BEHIND AN LJ CUT. Thank you.


I maintain 7 LJ Communities

diabetes_nat A Natural Approach to Diabetes
pagandrumcircle For those pagans who like to drum or listen to drums, etc.
celtic_fiddle For those interested in celtic music and fiddles
kitchwitchbooks Reviews of books that are of interest to Kitchen/Green/Hedge/Cottage Witches
witchy_recipes Recipes of interest to pagans
crafts_n_pagans Crafts for pagans
everydaywitches A Day in the Life of a Witch - How you bring the Craft into your everyday life.

Please feel free to join any or all of them. I look forward to talking with you. :)