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A blessed Imbolc (Candlemass, Brigid's Day) to all. This is a day to incourage the return of light by lighting candles (safely please) or turning on lights. Also, a day to honor the Goddess Bridgid, patron of the forge of creativity, fires and healing.

I have my candles on my altar lit, and plan to light more through the darkening of the day. I am working on crafts with natural stone necklaces. I also plan to do something special for the wildlife and my pets.

Whatever you do, have a safe and blessed day.

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cardy card card

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Wishing everyone love and much craftyness :)

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I had seen a post about someone who made their own runes. Always thought they were a nifty divination techniques so I decided to make my own.

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opinions please


I've not posted here, and I'm honestly not sure how active this community is. But I'm here, waiting to have someone else poke out and say hi.

I'm also hoping for feedback. I am pagan, and I have started my own website for the items I make. I believe that choice is very important in many items pagans/witches use in their ceremonies and prayers, and therefore have allowed people to pick color, fragrance, and many other options in candles. I also make incense, soap, and other things.

Thing is that I would like opinions on my website. My partner and I have created it, and are still working on it. We will be changing prices and such as it was intended to include shipping. Anyway, if you have a moment, please check it out.

the address is www.applestonenaturals.com


looking for instructions...

Newbie & First time request...

I'm not exactly sure what it's called... (which is why I'm having a hard time googling it)
I'm looking for instructions for doing paper embroidery on pierced CDs
there's a couple of pics & basic description of what I'm looking for here:


I've been collecting mailer CDs just for this purpose (free ISP disks that you get in the mail), and now that I've got enough saved up to give this a go, I can't find instructions on what it's called or how to do it... (for instance patterns, drilling the holes, type of drill bit, how to brace/steady the CD, type of thread, how to finish back... etc etc)

I'm figuring with all you craft people I'm bound to find someone who knows what it's called & where to find the instructions...
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Stacked Jacks

Who knew a benign pumpkin patch could yield such otherworldly creatures? Assume the role of Dr. Frankenstein this Halloween, and create your own monster, using stacks of pumpkins, gourds, and squashes. Only the heads need carving; if the bumpy body parts don’t sit squarely on each other, level them with a serrated knife, then use toothpicks, pushed into the flesh, to assemble them. Before attaching the head, insert a low-wattage light bulb, and plug it into an outside socket or heavy-duty extension cord.

Venus Figure

I like to make these, clay is very relaxing, anyways, my mother wanted me to make one for her. I used sculpey clay, in to two different greens that I twisted together. The inside is an aluminum foil skeleton, my first time doing one of my Venus Figures this way, usually they are made out of solid clay, but I wanted this one to be lighter.

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Watercolor Wands

Pour: 2T. vinegar
over: 2T. baking soda
Stir until it stops fizzing.
2T. cornstarch
food coloring
1T. corn syrup

Glue sponges cut into different shapes to the ends of craft sticks. Dip
into paint until covered. Let dry. When ready to paint, dip into water
and paint on paper!

Yule Crafts: Mistletoe Ball

1 foam ball 4 inches in diameter (florist foam is excellent)
mistletoe sprigs (fresh or dried)
Holly sprigs (fresh or dried)
1/2 Yard 5/8 inch red ribbon
1 Yard 1/4 inch red ribbon
Straight pins

Wind the 5/8 ribbon around the ornament vertically, pin in place, and cut. Start from the bottom of the band and wind the ribbon around the ornament horizontally to divide the ball in half again. Pin in place and cut. The ball should now be divided in to four equal vertical sections.
Fill in the sections by pressing sprig stems into the foam. Continue until each section is completely covered. As you work, chant something like:

Mistletoe! Holly! Magical Ones!
Bring us joy - add to our fun
May those who kiss beneath this ball
Be lucky through Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall

Cut an 8 inch length from the 1/4 inch ribbon and form a loop to hang the ball. Secure it to the top of the ball with pins. Then cut the remaining 1/4 inch ribbon in half. Use it to make two multi-looped bows. Pin one bow to the ball top and the other to the bottom.

Yule: A Celebration Of Light and Warmth
Dorothy Morrison

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